About Us


SANACO was established for supplying: highly consumed parts in Oil & Gas industries and Petrochemical material exportation. This company is attempting to achieve its goal by making new business cooperation with well-known domestic and international manufacturers outside the country. Therefore, we have determined to offer comprehensive services to our customers during importation and exportation. Our main activates are in the Oil & Gas industries and Petrochemical exportation.
SANACO is proud to support costumers in all processes of purchasing such as budgeting and procurements for Oil & Gas industries and for Petrochemical products exportation. All affairs have been done with the benefit of skilled staff in commercial and goods technical services in accordance with customers’ standards or International one.

A company is only as good as its people. Only their commitment and loyalty can deliver the service and performance our stakeholders expect. Our people are strongly motivated, both through opportunities for personal development and by results-related financial rewards. We are all crew, there are no passengers.
For knowing more about our activities, please review our products list in related part.